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A project for Everest Pharmacy consisting of a double story extension, new roof, steel construction, ready for shop fit out shell downstairs, full office fit out upstairs & exterior appearance work.


Phase 1 - Planning, Roof Work, Foundations, Build Up

The project initially started in the early days of December 2021 but work began full steam ahead early days of January. 

Phase 1 work included:

  • Roof work - Fixing of the roof, installation of new membrane, battens, roof tiles & lead. Roof construction over new extension.

  • Demolition work - Removal of existing extension from the main building.

  • Foundation work - Preparation of site for foundation pour & foundation pour.

  • Build up work - Build up of walls to roof level.

  • Construction Work - Creating the first floor construction within the new extension.


Phase 2 - Downstairs & Upstairs Interior Work

Phase 2 work began shortly after the extension was build up out of concrete blocks and roof was finished over the new extension.

Phase 2 work included:

  • Downstairs Work - Removal of interior walls, Installation of steel construction to support the first floor and roof, re-levelling concrete flooring ready for final screed, Metal Framing, Boarding, Tape & Jointing and Painting - leaving an empty shell for shop fitters.

  • Upstairs Work - Removal of all interior walls, new flooring construction, metal framing, boarding, tape & jointing, painting, installation of glass bannister, new kitchen installation, new bathroom installation, suspended ceiling installation, click flooring installation - whole of upstairs created from start to finish. 

  • Ongoing Exterior Work -  Finish of exterior extension with a Cromwell rustic walling stone.


Phase 3 - Exterior Work

Final exterior works began after taking delivery of required materials. 

Phase 3 work included:

  • Exterior Work -  Completing a K-Rend finish to the exterior wall of the existing & new extension buildings.

  • Interior Work - Finalising all work, patching up any damages on walls and completing any raised work.


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