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A project for Everest Pharmacy consisting of a double story extension, new roof, steel construction, ready for shop fit out shell downstairs, full office fit out upstairs & exterior appearance work.

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Phase 1 - Planning, Roof Work, Foundations, Build Up

The project initially started in the early days of December 2021 but work began full steam ahead early days of January. 

Phase 1 work included:

  • Roof work - Fixing of the roof, installation of new membrane, battens, roof tiles & lead. Roof construction over new extension.

  • Demolition work - Removal of existing extension from the main building.

  • Foundation work - Preparation of site for foundation pour & foundation pour.

  • Build up work - Build up of walls to roof level.

  • Construction Work - Creating the first floor construction within the new extension.

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Phase 2 - Downstairs & Upstairs Interior Work

Phase 2 work began shortly after the extension was build up out of concrete blocks and roof was finished over the new extension.

Phase 2 work included:

  • Downstairs Work - Removal of interior walls, Installation of steel construction to support the first floor and roof, re-levelling concrete flooring ready for final screed, Metal Framing, Boarding, Tape & Jointing and Painting - leaving an empty shell for shop fitters.

  • Upstairs Work - Removal of all interior walls, new flooring construction, metal framing, boarding, tape & jointing, painting, installation of glass bannister, new kitchen installation, new bathroom installation, suspended ceiling installation, click flooring installation - whole of upstairs created from start to finish. 

  • Ongoing Exterior Work -  Finish of exterior extension with a Cromwell rustic walling stone.

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Phase 3 - Exterior Work

Final exterior works began after taking delivery of required materials. 

Phase 3 work included:

  • Exterior Work -  Completing a K-Rend finish to the exterior wall of the existing & new extension buildings.

  • Interior Work - Finalising all work, patching up any damages on walls and completing any raised work.

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Client Testimonial

“We first used GLA when we needed our covid clinics set up with 1 weeks’ notice, the response from
Lukasz and the team was fantastic. They really helped ensure we were set up with all sorts of
bespoke joinery work and we found them to be highly efficient and competent. we further decided
to utilise them on a large project at our pharmacy site in Darwen. This was a total refurbishment,
new double storey extension, moving of stairs and all done whilst still running a pharmacy. We
found the team led by Lukasz to be highly skilled and having the correct resource to ensure timely
completion of all works. We would not hesitate to recommend their services and would be more
than willing to act as a referee”

Waqqass Sheikh (Managing Director Everest Pharmacy)

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